Aerobics AFTER Weight Training will
Increase Fat Burning & Weight Loss!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Aerobics are a very popular exercise for many people wanting to lose weight however you will burn a lot more fat and lose a lot more weight if you will perform some weight training right before you do your aerobics. The scientific reason for this is what is known as the glycogen sparing effect which refers to your body’s preferred energy source of glycogen derived from stored carbohydrates from the food that you eat. Whenever you exercise your body will prefer to use glycogen for fuel however as the glycogen stores are depleted your body will start to use other sources of fuel for energy in order to not run out of glycogen. The key to burning more fat as fuel during your workouts is to perform exercises that use up your glycogen stores quickly so that your body is forced to start burning more fat for fuel. Unfortunately aerobics alone do not provide enough intensity to quickly burn off your glycogen stores so you burn little to no fat unless you are doing aerobics all day long which is impractical. This is why most aerobics instructors have low body fat while the average person in their aerobics class does not. Weight lifting, on the other hand, is a much more intense workout that uses up your glycogen stores very rapidly. The way to get the most out of aerobics in terms of fat burning is to perform thirty to sixty minutes of weight lifting and then go and do your aerobics. This way your body will little glycogen left for furel and have no alternative but to burn fat for fuel which is exactly what you want and will help you to lose weight. And, as we have discussed in other tips, if you need a little extra help with energy and fat burning then take a serving of a good thermogenic like Thermo Phen Phen about thirty minutes prior to your workout to increase the fat burning effect even more.

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