If Your Only Exercise for Weight Loss is Aerobics
then You will Probably Struggle to Lose Weight!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Aerobic exercise has long been promoted as "the way" to exercise to lose weight however recent research has finally proven that aerobic exercise alone does little to actually help you to lose weight.1 There are several problems with aerobic exercise that explain why this type of exercise yields little to no results in terms of weight loss. The first problem is that the amount of calories burned during aerobic exercise is relatively low compared to other more intense types of exercises like weight training which can require as much as three times the amount of calories for energy. The next problem with aerobic exercise is that because the intensity of this type of exercise is so low very little fat is actually mobilized and burned for fuel as part of the calories that are burned. The biggest problem with aerobic exercise is that the only benefit toward burning calories occurs during the very limited time of actual exercise because aerobic exercise does little to nothing to stimulate the growth of new muscle which is what increases metabolism and fat burning all the time. There is a right way to use aerobic exercise to burn more fat and that is to perform aerobics immediately after some intense weight training which is a very effective way to burn a high percentage of fat as calories for fuel because of what is known as the glycogen sparing effect. (Read weight loss tip Do Aerobics AFTER Weight Training for Maximum Fat Burning and Real Weight Loss) But you must understand that aerobics alone for weight loss is simple not going to help you lose much weight so do not expect otherwise.

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McTiernan, A, et. al. "Exercise Effect on Weight and Body Fat in Men and Women." Obesity 2007 15, 1496-1512

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