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I Lost OVER 100 Pounds with Thermo Phen Phen and Fat Blocker!

Hello my name is Angeline and I wanted to share with you my weight loss success thanks to two wonderful products: Thermo Phen Phen and Fat Blocker.

While I was pregnant with my second child I gained at least 100 pounds.

Losing weight is always difficult but after giving birth it can seem almost impossible and while I was pregnant with my second child I gained at least 100 pounds. Gaining so much weight was a total shock to my body and I knew I was going to need some help. A friend of mine recommended Thermo Phen Phen because she said that it was the best product she had ever used because it was the only one that increased metabolism while also decreasing hunger. I did some research on my own and found that you can lose weight even faster if you use Fat Blocker with Thermo Phen Phen and since I needed all of the help that I could get I decided to use both of them together.

I needed all of the help I could get so I used Thermo Phen Phen and Fat Blocker together.

As soon as I started using Thermo Phen Phen I noticed an immediate increase in my energy level, which made me feel better, and encouraged me to started working out more. I started taking an extra capsule in addition to my regular dosage of two before my workouts and found that I was much more productive. I think a big part of the reason I was able to rid myself of my pregnancy weight in only three months was because of the great workouts I had thanks to the energy that Thermo Phen Phen gave me.

I was able to rid myself of my pregnancy weight in only Three Months!

The other way that Thermo Phen Phen helped me was by controlling my appetite. While I was pregnant I seemed to be hungry all the time and even after I gave birth I continued to desire food more than I ever had before. Maybe it was just the routine that I got into while I was pregnant but I did not break out of being hungry all of the time until I started using Thermo Phen Phen. I remember the first day that I used it I noticed that my appetite seemed normal for the first time since before I became pregnant. Instead of craving food continuously I never seemed to be very hungry and even though I went back to only eating three meals a day I actually ate smaller portions at those meals. Thermo Phen Phen got me over the hump with my appetite, which made it much easier to eat small nutritious meals.

Thermo Phen Phen gave me ENERGY for WORKOUTS and also CONTROLLED MY APPETITE.

I used Fat Blocker for those meals when I just could not eat as healthy as I wanted to. I found that if I took 4 or 5 capsules just before my meal that it seemed to help me fill up faster and eat less. I also used Fat Blocker with each of my meals during the week once a month when you are supposed to cut back on the dosage of Thermo Phen Phen. Fat Blocker helped me to keep from regaining any weight while I was not using the stronger product Thermo Phen Phen and was very good substitute.

Fat Blocker made eating healthier much easier and HELPED FILL ME UP.

I really do not know exactly how much weight I lost because I was too depressed to even weigh myself after I gave birth. I would not even have a picture to show you what I looked like then except that a friend caught me off guard and took my picture coming out of the bathroom. I would be embarrassed to show anyone this picture but I am so satisfied with the way that I look now that it almost seems like it is a picture of someone else. What may be more accurate is that it is a picture of two people because I feel like I not only gave birth to a new person but also shed another person when I lost all of that weight.

I am so excited with how I look now that I want everyone to know about my success.

Whether you need to lose a lot of weight like I did or just a few pounds I do not think you will be disappointed with these products. Stop blaming yourself for being fat and take control by losing weight and changing the way you look and feel. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help from the right place and Thermo Phen Phen and Fat Blocker are definitely the right products to give you some help.
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