Caffeine Can Help You to Lose Weight
if You Use It the Right Way!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: You may not be aware of it but caffeine is a thermogenic agent that can help you to burn more fat calories and enhance weight loss. Research has actually shown that caffeine supplementation can dramatically boost fat burning by as much as 100% above normal.1 Most people associate caffeine with coffee as the bean from the coffea plant from which coffee is produced contains a high amount of naturally occurring caffeine. There are also many other commonly consumed foods that naturally contain caffeine like certain teas and chocolates. The big question then becomes if caffeine is so good at helping the body to burn fat then why are people who regularly consume such products with caffeine, especially coffee drinkers, still overweight. The key word is "regularly" because habitual usage of caffeine causes the body to develop a tolerance to the fat burning and stimulatory effects of caffeine. This is why people who regularly drink coffee are able to drink it late in the day without it keeping them awake all night because they have built up a high tolerance to the caffeine. The solution to the problem of developing a tolerance to the fat burning effects of caffeine is to not use it on a regular basis and only use it when you want to maximize your fat burning like during a workout session. If you will save your usage of caffeine to just before your workouts then it can help you to lose more weight by greatly increasing the amount of fat that you burn during your workout. Use caffeine in the same way that you do other supplements in the right way at the right time and if you need to better understand about how to properly use supplements to lose weight then read weight loss tip Use the Right Weight Loss Supplement at the Right Time in the Right Way for Best Results!

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1Costill DL, et al. "Effects of caffeine ingestion on metabolism and exercise performance." Med Sci Sports. 1978 Fall;10(3):155-8.

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