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WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Are you aware that certain prescription medications will cause so much weight gain that it becomes impossible to lose weight regardless of how much a person may diet or exercise? This is just one example of a negative factor that most people trying to lose weight do not consider and which, if not taken into account, will cause you to fail in your effort to lose weight and likely cause you to give up all hope of ever losing weight and living a healthy life. Another negative factor that may be holding you back is the plain old drinking water that you use every day which is loaded with harmful chemicals and even some of the same prescription medications that cause weight gain (Read weight loss tip ( Drink More Water for Weight Loss, Yes; but Make sure it is Clean Water! ). Of course you have never heard about such factors before because these are the dirty little secrets that big business and the government do not want anyone to know about but if you are serious about losing weight and, even more importantly, being healthy then it is highly recommended that you learn more about the social and economic factors at play in the world that are all against people losing weight and living healthy. A good place to start learning the truth is at www.WeightLossFatLoss.us which is dedicated to revealing the truth about weight loss and the corruption in the health care industry today that wants people to be overweight in order to make more money.

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