Learn to Look at Food as Your Friend and Not
As Your Enemy When You Are Trying to Lose Weight!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: There are many factors that cause people to become overweight however food seems to bear most of the blame and some people go to the extreme and start to look at food as their enemy. Food is not your enemy, on the contrary, food is what sustains your very life by giving you energy and supplying your body with all of the many nutrients that are required to perform the various functions that keep your body alive. People that start to look at food as their enemy end up developing severe eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia in their attempts to try to eliminate food from their lives as an answer to losing weight. This is why it is so important to understand the basic reasons that you eat food so that you can look upon food in the correct light as something very beneficial to your body and to sustaining your life. The only way that food contributes to your being overweight has to do with the amount of energy that is contained in the food that you eat. If you ingest more energy than you need then you will begin to accumulate the extra energy in the form of stored fat. You can avoid this problem by eating healthy food that contains all the nutrients your body requires with just the right amount of energy to fuel your body without an excess. Start looking at food as your best friend that sustains your life but as with all good friends if you abuse food you will have to pay a price so starting having the right relationship with your friend food and both eating and losing weight will be a pleasure.

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