Eat High Volume Foods Containing Fewer
Calories to Help Promote Weight Loss!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Eating more foods like fruits and vegetables that are higher in volume and lower in calories is a good way to not only eat healthier but will also lower your total caloric intake and promote weight loss. Higher volume foods usually contain a high amount of water and fiber which greatly lowers the total number of calories in the food in relation to the size of the food meaning you will fill you up faster helping to decrease the total amount of calories consumed during a meal. And eating more higher volume foods like fruits and vegetables further helps to decrease your appetite all the time and keep you from eating as much food throughout the day. The health benefits of eating higher volume foods have been studied and shown to be very beneficial for long term weight loss success for these reasons. It is easy to increase the amount of high volume foods in your diet by substituting say an apple for a candy bar or a banana for chips. You can also get into the habit of eating a salad before your regular meal just make sure that you do not load up your salad with a high fat dressing or you diminish the benefits. They key is to be aware that foods that have a higher volume are much more conducive to weight loss than calorically dense foods so they should be your first choice. Eating more high volume foods is an easy way to help yourself to lose weight and is a good habit to get into to ensure long term weight loss success.

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