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MaHuang Extract  Herbal form of ephedra, a beta 2 agonist that has been shown in research studies to increase thermogenesis (burning of fat).1
Guarana Extract  Also shown to be thermogenic on its' own but when combined with MaHuang (ephedra) is twice as powerful.2
White Willow Bark  Herbal form of aspirin which has been shown in studies when combined with ephedrine and caffeine to be safe and effective for weight loss.3
Green Tea Extract  contains Caffeine and catechin-polyphenols and has been shown to produce a thermogenic effect similar to Caffeine. The overall effect on fat loss is greater than Caffeine alone and appears to be related to the ability of Green Tea Extract to speed up fat oxidation and augment and prolong thermogenesis.4
St. John's Wort  Naturally effects serotonin levels in the body.5 Low serotonin levels have been associated with overeating and obesity.
L-Phenylalanine  Shown in research to be an effective appetite suppressant.6

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