Your Most Important Meal for Weight Loss
May Be the One Right After Your Workout!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: A big mistake made by many people trying to lose weight is to not eat a good meal right after their workout. Athletes have long understood that eating a meal immediately following a workout is extremely important to aid the body in recovering from a workout. Many coaches and athletes even believe to the extent that it is a waste to even workout at all if you are not going to provide proper nutrition for recovery by eating a good meal right after a workout. Unfortunately many people desiring to lose weight will skip eating right after a workout believing that they are further aiding their weight loss efforts by restricting their caloric intake. Nothing could be further from the truth. The most important result from your workout is building new muscle which will increase your metabolism all the time causing you to burn more calories all the time. It is therefore essential that you feed your body properly so that you will be able to build more muscle. A good post workout meal should therefore contain a high amount of protein in order to enable your body to build new muscle. The good news about a post workout meal is that because your body is so depleted you can eat a higher amount of fat than normal and it will not have the usual adverse effect since most of the fat will be used for energy rather than being stored. A good post workout meal is essential so stop avoiding eating after a workout and start looking at this meal as an excellent opportunity to increase your weight loss results.

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