Overcome Physical Challenges that Increase
the Difficulty of Weight Loss!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: It is easy to give up hope of achieving weight loss success when you are physically challenged because of the greater difficulty of exercising however you should look as such physical problems as obstacles to be overcome and not impossibilities. Unless you are actually paralyzed from the neck down then you should still be able to find a way to perform some exercise. For instance, if your shoulder is injured then don't stop training the rest of your upper body just because you are unable to exercise one shoulder. Shoulder injuries are quite common with football players and trainers found out years ago that if the good shoulder is still trained it actually helps the bad shoulder to retain more strength and muscle size than if no training is done at all. If you have a lower body injury then train your upper body or vice-versa. Any physical training is better than none at all and sometimes an injury prompts a change in training that is actually beneficial to your overall weight loss program. The biggest problem most people face with a physical handicap is the mental challenge to overcome the desire to just quit. The next time you are faced with a challenging physical problem remember all the people out there who have much worse problems than you have who do not allow their physical challenges to interfere with them exercising and losing weight and living as healthy as they possible can. We can all learn from such people to overcome our own physical challenges and achieve the best and healthiest bodies possible. *****This Weight Loss Tip is dedicated to "Steve" who inspires everyone to Just Keep Rolling!*****


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