Eating Regular Meals is Essential for
Achieving Long Term Weight Loss Success!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: A big mistake made by many people trying to lose weight is to skip meals believing this is a good way to reduce caloric intake and aid weight loss however this can actually be detrimental to weight loss because of the way that your body is naturally programmed to work. Up until modern times one of the biggest problems that people faced was obtaining enough food to eat each day and the body adapted to this lack of regular food by storing as much of the food that was eaten as fat as a way to combat future periods of starvation. This programming in the body still exists today even though there is an ample supply of food available which means that any time your body senses that it is not going to be receiving a regular supply of food it will try to store as much of what you eat as fat. If you skip a meal then your body senses a period of starvation and will revert back to this survival programming and store more of what you eat as fat. Thus, one of the big keys to long term weight loss success is to get your body used to receiving regular meals so that it never reverts back into survival mode. The best plan is to actually eat more meals containing smaller portions regularly throughout the day and your body will become used to a regular supply of food and will not feel the need to store up fat as a reserve. It is also essential to eat breakfast as soon as possible upon waking in the morning to break the "fast" you were in while you were sleeping. Provide your body with a steady supply of food through regular meals and you will greatly improve your ability to achieve long term weight loss success.

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