Weight Loss is Much Easier if You
Rid Your Diet of Saturated Fat!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: It is an ages old adage running along the lines that if you eat fat then you will become fat so it really should not be that hard to comprehend that if you want to lose weight and not look fat then you simple need to eat less fat. There are a variety of physiological reasons for this including factors like: fat contains more calories (9) per gram than carbohydrates or protein, fat provides less of a feeling of fullness so more is eaten, and the way that your body is able to store fat much more easily than carbohydrates or protein all adding up to one important truth for weight loss; eat a lot of fat and you will store a lot of fat on your body. Of course you can put on weight by eating too many carbohydrates or too much protein but it is much more difficult for your body to convert carbohydrates or protein to fat for storage than it is fat so if you are overweight it is most likely because you eat too much fat. There are numerous research studies documenting this fundamental principle for weight loss however some people continue to debate about what is the right amount of fat to have in your diet.1,2 Part of the confusion may have to do with the fact that there are different types of fat and some are actually good for you and can help you to lose body fat. However most of the dietary fat that people consume in their diet is saturated fat which is the bad kind of fat and should be reduced as much as possible if you want to successfully lose weight. It will actually be easier for you to substantially reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet than you might think. For instance milk is available in several versions with the amount of fat being the only difference. Whole milk contains about half fat in terms of calories while 2% milk is actually about 30 percent fat while skim milk contains 0 calories from fat. Just switching from drinking whole milk to skim can make a huge difference in the amount of fat you consume each day if you drink a lot of milk or use other dairy products. Start making the same kind of change with other foods that you eat and you can drastically reduce the amount of fat you are eat especially the bad saturated fat which will make losing weight much easier for you.

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