If You are Going to Snack then Choose a Snack that
Will Not Counteract Your Weight Loss Efforts!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Many people have a hard time avoiding snacks during the day however the problem is not so much that you snack but that you choose snacks that have a negative impact upon weight loss. It is actually healthier and more beneficial to weight loss to eat several smaller meals each day so that your body becomes used to receiving a steady supply of food. While it is better to actually eat a small nutritious meal the right kind of a snack can be a good substitute and is actually better than starving your body potentially causing it to go into survival mode. As with all foods there are a vast number of choices but as you do with your regular meals you should try to choose a snack that is very low in saturated fat which is tough because most of the snacks readily available are usually extremely high in saturated fat. Fortunately that is not the case for all snack choices. Pretzels are a good example of a snack that you can find readily available that contains 0 grams of saturated fat. While most of the calories in pretzels are from carbohydrates they are complex carbohydrates and not simple sugars so this is another benefit. Criticism of pretzels usually centers on the salt content but if you read weight loss tip you will learn that salt is not quite the enemy that you have been lead to believe. If you would prefer a snack that is a little sweeter then there are still some good choices available that will do you little harm. Most Graham Crackers contain very little saturated fat and if you choose a plain graham cracker not loaded with extra sugar then the sugar content is also pretty low. Having to eat a snack during the day is not the end of the world and if you choose wisely it will actually be better for you to eat a snack rather than nothing at all.

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