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WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Increasing your metabolism is the key to weight loss especially long term weight loss because any time you are able to speed up your metabolism you are burning more calories all the time which is the only way to burn off extra stored fat. When you perform exercise, especially intense exercise like weight training, you will increase your metabolism but few people today are aware of the natural thermogenic supplements that you can use that will also boost your metabolism in a way very similar to exercise and cause your body to burn more calories all the time. Thermogenic essentially means to burn fat and the best of the thermogenic ingredients like Synephrine (bitter orange), MaHuang, and Guarana (caffeine) have all shown this fat burning effect in numerous research studies.1,2,3 In addition these types of ingredients also have a positive effect upon the central nervous system which you notice by having increased energy levels. And any time you have increased energy you are going to be burning more calories because that is where the increased energy comes from. It is not wrong to say that such ingredients are essentially exercise in a pill; at least in terms of the energy consumption by the body. When you awake in the morning take a serving of a good Thermogenic supplement like Thermo Phen Phen to get your metabolism going and then take another serving during the day to keep it going. This is one of the easiest and least time consuming ways there is to boost your metabolism all the time to help you successfully lose weight.

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