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Exercise is extremely beneficial for weight loss and should be performed any time you are trying to lose weight. Most people understand that exercising is important however there is a lot of confusion as to the specifics of weight loss exercise in terms of the type of exercise, the amount of exercise, etc. There is indeed a right way to exercise to help weight loss that is based upon the principles of exercise science that relate to achieving enough intensity during a workout to stimulate metabolism during and after the period of exercise. In more simple terms, it means you need to exercise in a way that will cause your body to burn more fat all of the time. Included below on this page are more details about the specifics of exercising for weight loss so that you will achieve the maximum benefits and achieve your weight loss goals.

Exercise Boosts Metabolism to Aid Weight Loss!
The reason that exercise is so beneficial for weight loss is because it can help increase your metabolism during and after your workout which means you are burning a lot more calories every day than you would be without exercise. Just about every kind of exercise will help to burn more calories during the workout but only exercises that help to build muscle will help to increase metabolism all the time. Just think of your muscle mass in the same way you do the engine that powers your car and just like the engine of your car your muscle mass requires a lot of fuel. The greater the amount of muscle you have on your body the larger the demand for fuel which will greatly help your body to burn more of the food you eat for fuel aiding weight loss.

Intense Exercise Helps Weight Loss More Than Any Other Type of Exercise
Research has demonstrated that the best exercises to perform to build muscle and boost metabolism are exercises that are intense.1 Just below are good examples of intense exercises that will help you to boost your metabolism during your workout as well as long afterward by causing your body to develop more muscle. You can click on the link just above each picture for more details on how to perform each exercise to maximize weight loss.

Squats for Weight Loss

Exercise with Squats for weightloss

Lunges for Weight Loss

Exercise with Lunges for weightloss

Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss - Timing is Everything!
Aerobic exercise alone will provide little help for weight loss because aerobic exercise does nothing to build muscle and only burns a few calories during the performance of the exercise. There is a way, however, to get a lot more out of aerobic exercises for weight loss and that is to perform aerobics right after you finish some intense weight training. For more details as to why this is please Read Weight Loss Tip Do Aerobics AFTER Weight Training for Maximum Fat Burning and Real Weight Los

Aerobics for Weight Loss
Aerobic Exercise for weightloss

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1Lennon D, et al. "Diet and exercise training effects on resting metabolic rate." Int J Obes. 1985;9(1):39-47.

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