Eat More Meals with
Smaller Portions for Weight Loss!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: This may sound backwards to say you can lose weight by eating more meals but that is exactly the case and once you understand how the body works it makes complete sense. It has to do with how your body is designed to work and how the modern lifestyle is so different from the days when food was not as easily obtained and people did not eat as often. When people struggled to obtain food every day they might not eat more than a meal a day or even go days between full meals. To compensate for this type of lifestyle where people might starve for some time between meals the body stores as much of the food you eat as it can as fuel and fat is one of the best storage places available. Since people were not eating as much and as often they did not gain a lot of weight as people today because they never actually consumed more calories than they were burning between meals. Unfortunately this programming in the body to store as much of what you eat as possible as a safeguard against starvation continues today even though the lifestyle is so radically different. The best way to trick you body into not storing so much is to eat more meals so your body gets used to a steady supply of fuel. Of course you want to eat smaller portions so as not to counteract the effect but as you get used to eating smaller portions you will notice you are not as hungry because you are eating more regularly. Another plus to eating smaller portions is that over time your stomach will shrink since it no longer receives the larger meals which further reduces your appetite. There are also some other positives to eating more meals each like the steady insulin release that keeps your blood sugar from spiking as much which also is conducive to weight loss. Overall this is one of the best diet tips there is and one that most athletes follow which is a big part of why they have lean muscled bodies.

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