A Proper Warm Up Before Exercising for Weight Loss
Will Improve Performance and Prevent Injuries!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: A greatly neglected part of most people's exercise routine is a proper warm up prior to the beginning of intense exercise. A good warm up will not only help you to obtain the most from your workout but more importantly will help to prevent injuries that will eventually result from not properly warming up your body before exercise. Injuries are the absolute worst outcome from exercise because when they occur they usually cause most people to completely stop exercising. You can think of your muscles as rubber bands and just like rubber bands they have a lot more elasticity when they are warm than they do when they are cold. And just like a rubber band your muscles will also have a much greater likelihood of breaking if used when they are cold and less elastic. The good news is that performing a good warm up is actually very simple and does not require any special exercise equipment. The first thing you want to do is to engage in some very light aerobic exercise like jogging in place or riding a stationary bike until your body is warm enough to begin the next part of warming up which is stretching your muscles. The goal here is to increase your activity just enough to break a sweat which means your body is warm enough to be able to begin stretching your muscles. You should then engage in a good stretching routine that will properly stretch and warm up your entire body. An old strength coach used to like to say that working out without properly warming up is like playing Russian roulette with a gun because it is only a matter of time before you shoot yourself in the foot with an injury that will counteract everything you are trying to achieve from exercising in the first place.

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