Workout Early in the Day to
Get Your Metabolism Going for Weight Loss!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: When you sleep your metabolism slows down drastically since you are unconscious and not moving around and do not require anywhere near the amount of fuel for energy that you do when you are awake. Unfortunately even after you wake up it takes a little while for your metabolism to get going again so a good way to give it a kick start is to exercise soon after you awake. Since metabolism effectively means the total number of calories you burn during the day the sooner you begin to burn calories the better and exercise is the best way to get your body to burn calories at a higher rate. Research has shown that exercise has an immediately impact upon increasing metabolism which makes sense since whenever you exercise you are going to require fuel for energy during the workout.1 But exercise also elevates your metabolism even after you finish working out which is an effect that continues for minutes of for hours depending upon the intensity of your workout. Even if you are only able to do a short workout first thing in the morning if you can do so on a regular basis the cumulative effect of increasing your metabolism every day will start to make a dramatic difference that will make weight loss much easier. Make it a habit to do some exercise every day in the morning and you will help your own body to help you to lose weight.

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1Lennon D, et al. "Diet and exercise training effects on resting metabolic rate." Int J Obes. 1985;9(1):39-47.

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